AQGateway App

Transferring data from the EDT to the AQGateway Cloud

What does the AQGateway App do?

The App is the interface between the User and the EDT. Using the App, a user can
• Set the logging interval at which the EDT will record data
• Download the data recorded by the EDT
• Upload the data recorded by the EDT for processing to the AQGateway Cloud
• Delete data from the EDT, clearing down EDT memory
• Delete downloaded recordsets from the android device memory
• Monitor battery voltage

What is the difference between Static Mode and Roaming Mode?

Roaming mode is in Beta. This feature adds location data to each air quality record. When in Roaming mode, your EDT needs to remain within Bluetooth range of your gateway device at all times. Static mode is the default mode.

Where can I get the App?

The App is available on Google Play Store. Search for AQGateway and install the App. The App is available for android only.

What versions of Android are supported?

We have only tested with Android 8 and above and these are the only versions supported, however it may well work lower versions.

What are the symptoms?

Check that you have location services enabled.
If you have this enabled and you still can't use Roaming service, it may be related to your phone. We use a library from google to supply the location of the phone and this is provided via the Google Play service on your phone. Most phones have this by default but some phones, including recent Huawei phones do not have this installed.

Can I change the logging interval? How do I change the logging interval on the EDT?

Open the AQGateway App. Once connected to the EDT, you can see from the EDT management screen what interval is selected.
Using the drop down box, select the logging interval required. The logging interval can be selected from 1 second to a maximum interval of 1 hour.
After selecting the logging interval, press [Update Log Interval]. The updated log interval will be displayed in the EDT information box at the top of the screen on the app

Why is the last block on my download taking so long?

When the app downloads data from the EDT, it writes the data to the device memory and indexes it - and this takes time. This occurs as the last step in the download processing. If the download is very large, this will take a significant amount of time. For this reason, its strongly recommended that more frequent downloads are completed. This also reduces the possibility of any bluetooth communications errors.
As data is stored on the Gateway device, ensure there is sufficient memory available before starting a download.

How long will a download take?

The download takes approximately 1 second per record block (approx 70 readings). A download progress bar appears. When downloading a very large number of data blocks, the download can appear to hang on the last block. Please do not interrupt the download as it will complete . This issue has been reported and will be resolved in a future release.

As an example of anticipated download times, please see the table below. When downloading a very large batch (>

Logging Period Log interval No. of Records No. of Blocks Download time
1 day 5 seconds 17,280 247 4 min
1 day 5 minutes 288 4 <10 s
1 week 30 seconds 20,160 288 5 min
1 week 5 minutes 2,016 29 30 s
1 month 30 seconds 87,264 1,247 21 min
1 month 15 minutes 2,920 42 50 s
3 months 30 seconds 262,080 3,744 65 min
3 months 15 minutes 9,828 140 2 min

No EDT showing on the App Screen - why not?

Ensure you have both Bluetooth and location services turned on,
Exit from the App and restart it to refresh.
Your EDT should now be visible on the "Pick your EDT" front screen of the App.

I changed logging interval but it didn't work - why not?

If you change the logging interval from the dropdown box, please select Update log interval in order for the change to take effect. When successfully changed, the log interval should change at the top of the App Screen

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