Getting Started...

Instructions on how to get setup with your new EDT

How does the system work?

The Electronic Diffusion Tube (EDT) records air quality data by measuring polluting gas concentration with an electrochemical gas sensor.

Using the AGateway App, installed on an Android device(mobile phone; tablet) and available on Google Playstore, you can manage the way in which data is collected by the EDT - setting the data collection intervals for the EDT and also managing the transfer of data from the EDT to the android gateway device and then transferring it to the Cloud for further processing.

The data collected by the EDT - the raw data - and the processed data is then available for downloading from your account at . A graphical overview of the processed data is also available .

Why do I need to activate my account and how do I do it?

In order to use the system, access to is needed - this access will allow the user to generate the PIN required to access the AQGateway App and also to view and download the data recorded.

Once your EDT is dispatched to you, you will receive an email which will contain a unique password associated with your registered email address. On logging into for the first time, you will be asked to reset this password to a password of your choosing.

Where do I find the app to connect to the EDT?

It is available in the Play Store. Search for AQGateway and install the App.

I've installed the App but I need a PIN. Where do I get it?

The PIN is required to ensure that the data on your EDT can only be accessed by your device.

In order to get a PIN, you need to activate your account on
Once you have logged onto,

• Select [Get a PIN] from the menu on the left.. This PIN is required to allow access to the AQGateway App.
• On the settings screen, select [+ get a Pin for a new gateway device]
• In the pop up box, enter a name that identifies the android mobile / tablet device that you intend using with your EDT
• A PIN number, which is valid for 3 hours, will be displayed.
• Enter this PIN to allow access to the App

How do I start measuring Air Quality?

Open the AQGateway app to connect to your EDT
Once you have connected to the EDT, you can set the measuring mode on your EDT - either static which is the default or roaming, which provides location data in addition to measuring air quality.
You can also set the measuring interval from 1 second to 1 hour. Once the interval has been set, your EDT is now measuring Air quality data.

How do I get my data?

In order to transfer data from the EDT, the AQGateway App must connect to the EDT. Once connected, select download and this will download all data recorded since the last download. Once the data has been downloaded, select upload.
This will upload the data to the Cloud for processing. By logging onto, a graphical overview of all data can be seen and both the raw and processed files can be downloaded

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