Ongoing Usage & Tips

Once you have got started, what else can you do with your EDT and AQGateway?

What was in the 1.0 March 2020 Release?

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I want to do my own graphing of data - how do I do it?

Each batch is available to download. Both the raw data and the compensated data are available in csv files.
Using a tool of your choice, this data can be imported and graphed as you wish
Grafana is only intended to provide a graphical overview and summary of your data.

How can I see an overview of my data?

A graphical overview of your data is available on
Log on and select Time Plots. This will bring you to Grafana where the processed data from all EDT's associated with your company is displayed graphically.
There are 6 graphs provided. These are
1. Temperature
2. Relative Humidity
3.Compensated PPB
4. Compensated PPB moving average
And finally, 4 graphs showing the results of each of the 4 algorithms applied to the raw data recorded by the EDT

How safe is my EDT and my data?

To reduce the possibility of your EDT being stolen, add a security wire to the External housing when the EDT is post or wall mounted. Even if stolen, it cannot be accessed without the App which is linked to your account on AQGateway
Your data is only available to those within your organisation who have accounts on AQGateway. Please ensure to keep your password secure.

What data is shown in the PPB grafana graphs?

The data in the ppb and the ppb moving average graphs in Grafana represent the results of the preferred algorithm applied to the EDT data.

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